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what is chibee?

  • chibee is powerful

    chibee is powerful

    Chibee is a social exchange system built to help people find the right audience for their instagram page. You can be a company that needs to promote your product, an artist who wants more audience for your music or photographs, or a model who needs help getting famous. Chibee is right for you.

  • chibee is simple

    chibee is simple

    We won't make you go through loops just to get what you came here for. It's simple. signup, connect your instagram account and start getting followers. the amount of followers you get will vary on how much chibee points you get. There are multiple ways to get chibee points. Click here to see them.

  • chibee is responsive

    chibee is responsive

    Our android app is already available at the play store. Our team is fast at work for the iOS app, in the meantime you can use your iOS's browser to access chibee. For all other devices, our web version works very similar and as efficient as our app. The wait is over, signup and start racking up followers.

how chibee works

  • my chibee history:

    • @you (+6 points) followed @mario (-10 points)
    • @you (+6 points) followed @p.peach (-10 points)
    • @you (-10 points) was followed by @k.kupa (+6 points)
    • @you (-10 points) was followed by @toad (+6 points)
    • @you (+6 points) followed @luigi (-10 points)
    • @you (-10 points) was followed by @mario (+6 points)
    • @you skipped @k.kupa (no points gained / lost)
    • @you (-10 points) was followed by @luigi (+6 points)
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